Video walkthrough of Endid in action

It’s easy enough to try out Endid if you are in a position to install our Slack app and to connect to your organisation’s GitHub repos, but you can now see our simple product demo on YouTube!


Endid is a native Slack app that intelligently monitors your GitHub Actions workflows.

You might already use a GitHub Action to send notifications to Slack at the end of each workflow’s YAML files, but this becomes difficult to maintain and - most annoyingly - notifies the whole team on every run.

It’s far better to completely decouple the monitoring system from your workflows.

Simply add Endid to Slack, then click to connect to the GitHub repos you want to monitor.

Select a Slack channel, and then by default every workflow completion will be shown automatically.

You can change the settings to dramatically reduce noise. A popular setting is to notify of successful runs only when the status changes. You’ll get a notification every time the workflow fails, and then a notification the first time the workflow is fixed - followed by silence for every subsequent successful run.

For most teams, this results in 90% fewer notifications.

You can choose how to handle skipped and cancelled workflow runs. Should cancelled runs by treated as failure, or just ignored for notification purposes? Similary, skipped workflows can be treated as success or just ignored.

You can also choose to notify when a workflow run is queued, perhaps only after a previous failure, so the team can see that an attempted fix has already been started.

Endid translates GitHub markdown in commit messages into formatted and clickable Slack links. It also truncates commit messages to avoid overflowing your Slack channels.

Try Endid today to reliably and intelligently monitor your workflows. You no longer need to remember to add error handling code to your YAML files each time you edit them; and you don’t need to pester everyone on Slack every time a workflow run completes!