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Intelligent workflow notifications

Keep track of GitHub Actions without YAML or noise.
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Simpler more flexible Slack notifications for busy developers

Instant install on any GitHub repos, choose a Slack channel for notifications, then you'll get a message whenever any GitHub Actions have finished.
Optionally, choose to be notified only when the status changes - when a workflow fails, and then once it has been fixed again.
Control everything related to workflow monitoring entirely within Slack!

Endid always keeps it simple

By focusing only on GitHub Actions, Endid is the easiest solution to workflow monitoring in Slack.
Connection to GitHub is instant - there is no need to map individual GitHub users to Slack users, or use forgettable 'slash commands' in Slack to subscribe.
You do not need to add fiddly code to your GitHub Actions.
Manage absolutely everything within Slack.
Requires only Read Access to Actions and Metadata permissions in GitHub.
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Endid has a first class GitHub integration
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We like to keep our GitHub Actions notifications in Slack, rather than relying on email. Our existing solution required adding extra steps to every workflow, which was cumbersome and hard to maintain.

Endid simplifies all of this, whilst reducing unwanted notifications. It's the missing piece of the GitHub-Slack integration!
Erin Millard, Principal Software Engineer

Let Endid watch your workflows for you

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Public repos always free
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Monthly per Slack team
Private Repos
During 14 day Pro trial
Notify always or on change
Differentiate between branches
Handle Skipped/Cancelled Workflows
Select main and/or other branches
Organizations and Repos
Unlimited number
Unlimited number
Email and Slack
All installations start as a 14 day Pro trial.
Continue on the free plan for public repos if you decide not to upgrade to Pro.
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